Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley

Ultimate Full 4 Week Body Guide

About my workouts in my guide

  • It has all major exercises to follow such as Leg’s, Glutes, Abs, Upper body exercises.
  • The workouts are challenging, each workout is different, helps you to keep motivated and not get bored, ensures you are continually getting the best results from me.
  • I have added supersets and varieties of many exercises to get TONED and LOSE FAT.

Who is the guide for

  • My guide is for all fitness levels and the format is easy to follow even for beginners who never has exercised before.

How long does the workout take and duration of the guide?

  • Each workout is 1 hour max and is done 6 times per week for the best results.
  • This is 4 week tense guide to follow – high reps and challenging weight
  • You would receive my guide in a digital format straight to your email immediately, to get you started.

The Benefits Using My Guide

  • Get Abs – Each exercise movements works on building your core
  • Improve Muscle Strength
  • Improve your endurance – Workouts has interval training keeping the pace high and reps
  • Fat Burning  – When all the workouts in the guide are performed
  • Tone your upper body
  • Equipment needed – Free weights required
Emma Hartley E-Book

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About me

I am a Amateur Australian Fitness Model & INBA Competitor, I have dedicated my time to getting into shape and helping others improve their bodies. I hope to inspire others to work towards their dreams and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I always focus on expanding my fitness knowledge to continually help others achieve their fitness goals.

£ GBP 7.99/ $ USD 9.99 / € EUR 8.99


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